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(2000 - 2015) is a show which has nil to do with excreta (save their neighbor's pool and the infrequent formation trip), teenagers, or whatsoever a "hunger force" is, and as an alternative covers the adventures of three amateurish detectives/superheroes (only for the first few episodes, though - the residual of the series has them shrunken to bums; this is commented on at least double late in the series) surviving in New Jersey. The aquamarine Teens originated as one-off characters in a erstwhile unmade episode of (also a William Street production), but were eventually specified their own simulation — with changes to their appearances and personalities. The name "heroes" are victor Shake, a lazy, insulting, anthropomorphous shake who is the self-proclaimed someone of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force; Meatwad, a dim-but-lovable blob of raw meat who is often bamboozled, teased, and/or anguished by artist Shake; and Frylock, an intelligent box of french murphy who is the passing efficient and halfway-morally-decent member of the military group (except during his own moments of unmoral behavior).

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[adult swim] : Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Soundboard

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Slap it in your Online Journal thingy that commoner reads. Post it in your "Why [adult swim] hates anime" forum. vindicatory one thing: if you use it somewhere, direct a linkup to us [email protected] we can order of payment in on our elflike babies.

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Believe it or not, when I first-year saw Aqua Teen Hunger Force (a twisted infinitesimal toon on grown-up Swim), I didn't really similar it. Sure, it was weird, but it took a 2 of episodes for me to genuinely appreciate it - it's not specified a of import one-shot cartoon, but it's a great series. If you haven't seen it, watch it, and give back it a family unit of shows in front you pass judgement. So anyway, I got an telecommunicate from Luke finished at who recommended that I do an ATHF soundboard, and gave me a cumulus of to get me going.

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