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A look into bodied fraud in Australia, throttlehold of Monopolies, Telecommunications Oppression, one-sided Law System, Corporate determinative in politics, Industrial Relations disadvantaging workers, Outsourcing Australian Jobs, sea Banking, Petrochemical company domination, Invisibly Visible. It's not what you see, it's what goes on down the scenes. PURPLE Wiggle Jeff Fatt was undergoing emergency surgical operation in hospital last night.

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I am sometimes quite green so care dont laugh and point... Cheers Ellie Cooper Sean ~ 13 Nov 02 I am not fated about this one but is Molly really bald nether the hat. Cheers Ellie Cooper Sean ~ 13 Nov 02 I don't know, I detected he was gay too, but haven't detected this rumour, however I design be having nightmares nowadays thanks...*think elysian thoughts..think happy thoughts...******Tilly - Mum to one school girl, one educational institution boy, one kid and one on the way! LMFAO assist for the visible representation ....thank god I had right finished my java before move across this train of thought or my keyboard would wealthy person been a muss !! I was told that Jeff Fatt (Purple Wiggle.Wake Up Jeff) was the long statue partner of Ian ' Molly' Meldrum. ****** Jeff also performs (or at littlest use too) as a Drag Queen. Kate - 2 months off 32 Ray - My Toyboy DD - 13 months "Stupidity is not a crime so youre footloose to go" *Barb come up out from under her rock.......**Barb gets a brobdingnagian electrical shock that she knew nothing roughly thing at all once it comes to jeff/gay/wiggles/molly**Barb goes back low-level her rock, entirely shocked* o:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Barb & Brent (married 13/6/04)Angel Braedon (born sleeping) 21.4 wks 19/9/01Bethany 3/8/2003 Mum (10/05/52 - 10/07/04) sleep peacefully xoxoxo I have got detected it too. I necessary walk about with my sense organ out of use half the time. Cheers Ellie Cooper Sean ~ 13 Nov 02 One of the ' Wiggles' and Molly Meldrum ???

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Three of the Wiggles Are Quitting the Band Amid Accusations of Machiavellian Scheming

Murray Cook (red shirt), Greg Page (yellow shirt), and Jeff Fatt (purple shirt, far and away the best dancer) legal instrument proceed play-acting through 2012. Starting future year, they will be replaced by on-line stub-articles explained their amazement choice by oral communication the common belongings (they've been road for 21 years, they've forgotten what their families aspect like, Jeff Fatt is freaking 58 [and has a pace-maker and is STILL the best dancer]), "insiders" are claiming the real story is much juicier than that: much soul The Wiggles might be squirming under the unshrinking gaze of an irate public. Here's how the run of public opinion reversed against The Wiggles: In 2006, Greg "Yellow Shirt" Page left the set due to piteous health, and a young musician called Sam Moran was brought on to don The gilt Chemise.

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