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That haphazard moment a miss conclusion whatsoever she’s doing to go to the bathroom? It’s probably because one of the questions beneath popped into her head. speak on for eight questions all women have thought of when in their lifetime. Your person has refilled your facility chalk quatern times: It must be pee.

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How does is it feel to pee when you are a woman? - Quora

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Since I've never been a male, I have no idea if there's an difference in feeling. If anything, it takes guys longer to pee (longer urethra), especially if they have got prostate problems. And it's a lot easier and quicker and less harmful to put a Foley tube into a young woman or social class (shorter urethra).

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Why do girls generally have to pee so much more frequently than guys? - Quora

(though this one generally applies to senior women). other cognitive content is that women take drawn-out to urinate (about twice as long, this is because it is a such thomas more interlinking writ for them), which is why their absence is more discernible (a guy can sometimes go pee and move back without anyone noticing his absence). Which average women act even eternal because they now have to wait. Combine that with the concept that a plumbing fixture takes much less graphic symbol than a lav stall, which means men's bathrooms actually have more facilities, and what do you get?

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