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As I sit trailing here tonight typing out my stylish “hateful” screed, word comes out of Brunswick, Georgia, that two coloured young punks where nabbed for shooting to death a defenseless small 13 month-old light-skinned child in a kid stroller. They had demanded currency from the mother or else they would kill her child. once the woman truthfully told them she had nothing, the afro-american bastards went ahead and fired a bullet into the babe’s face — far in anterior of the mother.

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This picture is concomitant to the previously released tv of quartet blacks torturing a white, mentally challenged teen, and streaming his pain loaded on Facebook.

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Prosecutors seemed to have gone out of their way not prosecuting the attackers with dislike crimes because, well… all the left sheep would speedily label them racists and bigots. The peripheral happened one day later Christmas on a MAX gears in Portland, Oregon.

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