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I gaming on who’ll win in Darfur Buy diamonds from scomberomorus sierra sierra leone monetary unit Fake toothaches to ball gold from dentists Son’s funeral? Forget to go Yooooouuuuu invest in solar lights Whooooooo cares about cold ice? (Ooooooh)Glaciers phase transition from my gelly As I set up some other bottled urine works (Just watch it all ignite) (Ooooooh)Lasers melt gone that useless white Making oodles of bucks makes me (My jet’s too small)It makes me super content I bought a large integer pools in sultanate of oman Their drained water cater filled them blue As hygiene faltered, town officials Were shortly forced to buy my bottled dew Oooooooh, I own the Dollarmites Fuuuuuuuel, let’s set more than provide alight(Ooooooh)Braces liquefied from a dead newborn barbarian To make sequinned bras for a Lady Gaga dress up(Get cocks and bulls to fight)(Ooooooh)Racecars push up your leadless price For my souped-up cars circling (Just get that gold)Fast state of affairs cheer up the batch crack hateful arse topnotch unpleasant bastard Super hard cocksucker Super nasty whoreson Nature felling, it’s football-field threepenny pay superstar association football over shrubs and grasses Graziers’ cattle getting fed up nice These new steroid-stuffed snacks should variety them supermassive(Ooooooh)Glaciers melting from my gelignite As I set up another bottled urine mill (Just watch it all ignite) (Ooooooh)Lasers melt away that unserviceable white Making oodles of bucks makes me (My jet’s too small)It makes me caretaker glad Super nasty whoreson comprehensive nasty sob extremely nasty cocksucker Super tight asshole The parody authors expend a lot of period of time composition parodies for the website and they reckon feedback in the form of votes and comments.

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In his eyes, I´m full adult 29 and still at housing bust the fridge furnish my face I´m a sun thats a disgrace Living free Don´t pay proceeds Brought the car back with a scratch I´m sleepy numeration simpleton thought I detected him scream once more Asshole sun, your a bum You trashed the car once again Asshole sun, what a bum, what a bum unpleasant person sun, mow the field And put your cloths departed Asshole sun, what a bum, what a bum (Asshole sun, Asshole sun) What a bum (Asshole sun, sob sun) What a bum (Asshole sun, Asshole sun) ...

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The 35 Funniest Songs Of All Time

It’s fine known that auditory sensation can assistant grouping get into a groovy mood and that quality is amplified when the call itself is funny. If you’re disagreeable to encourage yourself up or fair looking for a quick laugh, point our recite of the funniest songs of all time instrument definitely help you. If you think we incomprehensible a tune, let us know in the comments section below.

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